Active Content -Traffic

Content Creates Traffic

You need to provide valuable information.

Great Content will attract Visitors (traffic) to your Web-Page and from there onto other linked pages on your Web-Site. Enough useful information -- generally called Content -- will get repeat visits. This Traffic -- as visitors are called -- comes from links.

No matter how good your content is, initially no one will find it without your own links. Links contain your web-page URL and  usually automatically Load that page when Clicked with the normal left-side Mouse button. Links can be Posted in Advertisements, in Blogs or Forums, in Link-Exchanges, and ultimately Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).


Courtesy Links

When starting out with a tight budget, avoid using paid advertising, and provide your own relevant content to other business Blogs and Forums by Posting  Comments on their websites. You are usually allowed to include a link to your own Blog or Web-Page in your Signature. Check the Blog or Forum rules before posting. If your Comment is relevant and interesting their readers will follow your link and view your web page. You can NOT refer (link) directly to a Page that is primarily a Sales Page such as using an Affiliate link to your third party provider.


Search Engine ORGANIC Links

Organic Links are created, Ranked, and posted by Search Engines based on the extent, Uniqueness, and Authority of both your web page and website content. Great effort and resources are often spent to improve a web page in such a manner so as to be ranked high enough by the search engines to appear on their First SERP. This manipulation of your web page content is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and is a major and very competitive tactic of Internet Marketing. A good rank for a popular Keyword Phrase will drive vast, free, Targeted traffic to your web page. Getting a good Search Engine rank takes quite awhile to build. Search engines are very sophisticated and analyse the entire public portion of the internet, looking at both content and activity.