Website Host GDI

  You need a Host to store your website files and to Serve them to your website visitors.


It is Easiest to Build Your First Website After You Hire a Website Host.

Most Website Hosts Provide Website Building Software.



My First Choice

The GDI Hosting Package

  GDI provides an excellent Hosting service Package starting with a 7-day, no-commitment, free trial. Thereafter they provide an affordable ($ ) monthly payment plan. Otherwise Hosting alone was $ /yr. in 2011.

Try the $ Web Hosting Package including ...

Domain Registration

  Each Package includes Registration of 1-Domain provided the Domain name is 4-or-more characters. (Prices rocket as domain names shrink below 4). Registration alone was $ /yr. in 2011.

Email Accounts

  GDI includes up to 10-business-like email addresses for each domain you host with them. Example:,,, etc.

Web-Site Builder software

  GDI provides an easy to use website building wizard that helps you design your website pages. A growing selection of page templates are included, so you can choose appropriate graphics for your business or club. I choose to model a few different templates on this website.

This would be an additional $ /yr. with stand alone hosting.

I enjoyed using the included and various Templates for this Web-Site.

The Wizard is FUN ! Fast and Educational ! 

Forwarding email and visitors

  GDI includes Forwarding of your GDI hosted URL visitors to any other Established Website you specify. GDI will also Forward an Individual Email account or All Domain Email accounts to Established Email account(s). Outside the package this was priced at $ /yr. in 2011.

Try the $ Package, Now 7-days for Free

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Legal DISCLOSURE: I Will Receive $ from GDI each month that you host a website with them.

 Similarly You too Will Receive a commission on all websites hosted for Your  Referrals, up to include 5-levels. There is no limit on the number of websites allowed in each of the 5-levels.

Imagine the possibilities... 



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