Recurring Income

Recurring Income -- ideal

  You can Attract Traffic, Convert Your Visitor to a Customer, Get Paid, Deliver Product, then Start all over Again.

  It is much better to Attract Traffic, Convert Your Visitors to a Customer, Get Paid, Deliver Product, then Get Paid and Deliver the Product again, again, and again repeatedly. This happens when Your Customer Subscribes to or becomes a Member of a service. This forms what is called a Recurring Income or Income Stream.

  For a Subscriber to remain with You, You must provide either a necessary ongoing Service or  an ongoing valuable  Membership.

 For example Any Significant Online Business NEEDS to Register a Global Domain and to Host a Web-Site. Both services charge periodically during its service lifetime.


--- Your relevant Opportunity ---

   GDI provides Both Services in 1-easy Package, and If You Find GDI a Customer ... 

 You Will Receive a commission on all web sites hosted for Your  Referrals, up to include 5-generations or levels. There is no limit on the number of websites allowed in each of the 5-levels. GDI sells for a small monthly Package fee. Imagine the possibilities...


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