Email List Responder

The Money is in The List they say. Without a good List The Business won't pay. An Auto-Responder Is what you need, For your sales ... to feed. signed, StephenD7

The Money is in the List, they say


  What they mean is that you need to Squeeze or Capture an email address from Your Visitors, prepare a list and use it to present enticing offers via email.

To do this you need to have 

  1. Your own website with a Capture-type Landing Page, and
  2. An Auto-responder or list management system, and critically
  3. Valuable Content that interests your subscriber, the tricky part.

Your Capture Page

  Your Capture page is a type of Landing Page that contains an information form in a box and requests your page Visitor to fill in the blanks and click Send. The opt-in box is prepared by you and your Auto-Responder service, downloaded to your computer, edited into your capture page which is then uploaded to your website host Server. 

  For your request or sometimes an 'offer' to be successful, your visitor must trust you and know what you will and will not do with their private information. Include a statement like:

  • " I hate SPAM and will never  sell, rent, lease, or loan your information to anyone"
  • " I will periodically send you an email containing valuable or interesting information related to ... ( your niche )."
  •  "I will immediately send you an email containing a download link for ... ( some valuable but Free product )."

  Trust can be strengthened by showing testimonials from satisfied users, or ...


Email List Auto-Responder

  You need an automatic e-mailing system or service, usually called an Auto-Responder, to manage the lists of e-mail addresses and associated information that you collect from your Capture, Squeeze, or Opt-in form pages. 


  You must have a sequential set of e-mails prepared and loaded into the Responder. The first of the series should be a " Please confirm ... " that is sent out within a few seconds of receipt of the Opt-in. You include a prominent clearly described link for your Leads ( should be spelled Leeds but that is  English ) to click if they want to continue. If they click the link, you add them to your related "double-opt-in" e-mail list. This double opt-in is a valuable way to greatly reduce SPAM accusations.

You DO NOT want to be accused of SPAMMING !!!

 Your second automatic e-mail should be a " Welcome to my ...  , you have confirmed your interest in ... , but if you are no longer interested in receiving relevant information you can cancel anytime by clicking the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of any e-mail or ...

Interesting Content 

 You need interesting Content for each: list | Auto-responder | email campaign series.

ting ... ting ... ting ... 

hew  "Break time, be back ..."