Payment Tools

Online Payment Tools

  There are a few business services that you will require. These often need to be paid for instantly initially online.

A Way to Pay

Get a Credit Card or a  No-credit Card

  If you do not have a credit card and do not qualify for one, you can buy yourself a Gift Card. You want one that bears the name of a Major Credit Card. They are available in small amounts, but buy the largest that you can afford as the  Activation fee decreases percentage wise. Gift Card type Credit Cards have the ultimate security in that your maximum possible loss is the remaining unused credit balance. Each Gift Card is a once-through instrument. Caution: some gift cards have a significant monthly Maintenance fee that begins after a few months!

A Better Way to Pay

  If you have bad credit or no credit history but have significant money in the bank, apply for a Prepaid Credit Card. They speed things up, are widely accepted, and some of them help you build a credit worthy history. They are an ongoing, revolving credit instrument that you must repay monthly like a traditional liability type Credit Card.

Secure Instant Payments

Setup a PayPal account

  • This will get you a widely accepted way to pay for online purchases.
  • You only disclose your personal information to well established PayPal.
  • PayPal also allows you to receive payments, particularly from customers.
  • You can fund your account from both your credit card and bank account without disclosing private information to third parties. Transfers from credit cards are virtually instant. Transfers from or back into your bank account take just over one week.
  • You can transfer funds into your PayPal account by authorizing PayPal to request the transfer from your bank account.
  • You can transfer excess funds from your PayPal account by authorizing PayPal to  transfer funds back into your bank account.
  • Caution: Many Sellers report long delays or complete loss of their PayPal accounts. This seems to be related to suspicious activity in the account such as a sudden large dollar volume - whether a few high price sales or an unusual large volume of small sales. Like most high volume businesses, PayPal attempts to prevent fraudulent use of its Services. This prevention may sometimes result in serious financial injury to an innocent user.
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Prevalent advice suggests...

Start by selling digital, downloadable, information. There is no inventory handling cost and there is nearly instant Customer satisfaction.You will require your own Website and must therefore Register a Domain. The domain is the Name of your website and forms part of the URL that your visitors must use. It precedes a TLD ( Top-Level-Domain ) that must be included in the URL ( Universal Resource Location ) For maximum Market Acceptance you want a Global International TLD. International TLDs include traditional .com, .org, .net and recently .ws which was previously a 2-letter Country TLD.

If you do not have your own top-notch product yet, do some market-potential research to identify current  topics.

  1. Make a list of subjects (Niche)that interest you and that you may help other people to understand, and then,
  2. Use a Search Engine, generally best to start with Google, to search for market information about each of your subjects. The Search Engine displays a Result Page (SERP) that gives you extensive information. Beside the numerous Links to "relevant" websites in the main area of the page, you will see the total number of results ( near the top ) and also be presented with "relevant" advertisements. A large number of advertisements warns you about stiff Competition, while a lack of ads means you will be alone selling to this niche. A large number of Results indicates a large number of people are interested in your subject, while few Results indicates a very small interest and therefore lack of market potential.
  3. If there is a lot of interest and too many advertisers, you can subdivide the Niche (ie dog training tips video) and study that SERP.

You want to use the best phrases ( known as Keywords ) in your advertising and in your website pages. Research SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )



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