Global Marketing Biz Checklist

What You Need  to Start Your Own Global Internet Marketing Business ... checklist

This website pages form a Checklist of What You Need to Start an Internet Marketing Business, briefly explain Why you Need each item, and Outline How you connect them.

Do Not Judge this WebSite by its Cover page ... the rest are better.

This Page will  CHANGE  occasionally as  I get organized !  Other Pages are ready for visitors as they are nearly complete and form a Checklist. This website uses Flash video. Flash is cool animation, but does load slower. 

 Welcome Visitor:

   My name is Stephen D... branding StephenD7 ... and I intend to develop this website to share my research into Starting a Home-based Internet Business.

   I will layout a path of "step-stones" for the financially handy-capped to establish a viable Internet Marketing business. Each "stone" is a service, the What,  you need. While many gurus claim that you do not need some of these  "stones"  my extensive research reveals widespread quality advice emphasizes otherwise.

  Generally prevalent advice will be presented. If you are interested in developing an Internet-based Business that you run from "Home" (or anywhere a suitable connection is available) the individual pages will form a complete but critical set of step stones. Several additional "step stones" are intentionally excluded at this phase for various reasons, primarily simplicity and the requirement of significant financial, technical expertise or time resources.

  Initially I will stop at introducing Auto-responders and their associated email Lists. Auto-responders are a significant step upward and should be thought of as the beginning of the next phase of marketing your business.


  My linked companion blog Shoestring Start will primarily discuss the Why and the How.


Analysis shared here is free, but if you purchase items -- that I honestly recommend -- through a link I  provide, then I may receive a commission.

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